a light piercing the darkness (surprising myself
and surprising the creatures) is my weapon,
through rain and mud i will endure,
for my prize is the capture – but one will never be enough.

i once teased you… i was stupid, of course… and your Brother
put a fear into me.  scared silly.  just as the worms i seek.
i don’t give a shit about the worms… they are pointless.
yet you have always been my fascination.

how can something so worthless and another so important
be treated in such a familiar [similar] (familiar) fashion?

society my dear… the answer, is society.
culture my dear… the answer is culture.
tradition my dear… the answer is tradition.

Lies… all lies, my dear…
Lies to which i have fallen prey.


© 1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg