Letting Go

I let go of the world around me,
I watch it fall far below,
All the hatred, all the anger,
Twisting, turning out of sight,
I fly... I fly...

You thought you had me in your grasp,
You thought you had me figured out,
But you underestimated in your haste,
my apathy towards your game, your life,
I fly... I fly...

My eyes once filled with amazed wonder,
My mind once curious of the mystery,
Yet your enigma had a simple answer,
Turns out you are just a fool,
I fly... I fly...

Your words once held me in your spell,
Your strength once kept me weak,
But in my escape I studied complex,
In my escape I go where you can only dream,
I fly... I fly...

I see you so far below me,
And know you can never catch me again,
For your cruelty has become your downfall,
While your cruelty has become my strength,
I fly... I fly...

The day will come when you will lose,
When you will be placed below the earth,
And I know I will be there as witness,
I will rejoice in your demise.
You die... You die...


1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg