Sand beneath my soles.
A blinding brightness.
It takes its toll on me.
Day after day, a weary restlessness.

But I cannot escape the blazing sky!
Oh, how you know I’ve tried.
I journey to the ethereal plane,
Where magic rules and everyone is solitary.

I am…

My power flows through unseen forces.
My magic travels across the furthest seas.
Oh, but here, there are no seas... no waters.
I am... solitary.

And what good does this power bring to me?
What good does this power bring to you?
A feeling of temporary companionship?
Is that all we have left?

Is life that shallow?
(and can you prove it not so?)

I should learn not to fight it.
My own magic has its limitations,
Despite my constant practice.
I cannot control my own destiny...

                …of being solitary.


© 1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg