You, the one I dream of...
Every night.
And you invite me to you.
But I am not ready for the winter... not again...
And to touch you, brings a false sense of warmth.

It is a syndrome I cannot hope to explain...
A deep sadness when not around you,
Yet a deep sadness when Im with you.
You cannot understand,
Yet you play along for my sake.

Just for a single night of bliss,
How I want to hold you tight in my arms,
To kiss your head as we rest together,
Watching movies, which we will not remember...
Our attention is elsewhere.

Lights are dim, hopes are high,
Our clothes are quickly being shed.
I take your body on the couch,
My lips on you, all over you,
We are lost in pure passion.

As we move to your bedroom,
We are reminded of our past escapades.
How we have missed each other,
How we have longed for each other.
Yet there is a lost magic... a lost innocence... a lost unknown.

For "we" are based on a concept which expires,
A notion which cannot be prolonged.
Our us is fickle not special in duration.
So after tonight, my dreams will still be of you...
After tonight, you will forever be within my memory.

I need you there...
        ... and only there...


1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg