There is a town, where I used to play,
Where people try, and often pray.
So long ago I was full of hope,
Now I pray just to focus and to cope.
[my anyone is not any.]

With play-toy in hand, I resolved to prevent,
No matter the need, I swore would be lent.
But in my life, the child I knew,
Once so noble, grew and grew.
[with crown of harvest I retire from view.]

Through the darkness of the alleys,
I explore the moons and valleys.
The buildings glow, the people false-love.
City streets are paved with open-glove.
[by firelight a beauty rests beside me.]

But through hearsay I learn of trouble,
My focus and care must be doubled.
Have I forgot my compromised promise?
Have I dropped my lighted compass?
[to the temple my eyes return.]

We are all subject to charity.


1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg