Staring into your deceivingly placid abode,
Your spell is cast upon me.

The bright moonlight inside the cold air,
Wind rustling through the dead leaves.

I know you see me as I hide from the shutters,
As I hide from your dark eyes.

I trailed the spirit here, the ghost of your mind,
And now Iím in your realm, in your domain.

A flickering candle in the window,
It plays with my mind, makes me weary of you.

When I last saw you [when I was a child],
I could not face you.

But now, I am grown,
I need to face you.

So I track the ghost into the dark dark night,
With nothing to protect me from the sorcery.

Is this my own choice,
Or is this just another cruel spell upon my life?

I see your face, I see your shape,
In the corner of my eye.

You are resting,
You are waiting...

Your minions will come for me before I can flee,
So I must go on... I am past the point of caring.

But as I walk along the treacherous path,
I can feel your breath upon my neck behind me.

Your bedroom door is open wide,
But the room is vacant... musty...

You do not sleep here anymore,
You merely haunt it.

Much like you haunt my dreams.
I cannot escape from your power.

I slam the door shut,
And go running down the stairs.

Oh my, your fires burn so brightly,
In the autumn air outside.

How you love the most decrepit tomb,
Where you hope to trap my world.


© 1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg