“You are fortunate,” people say to me...
“Money, travel, lavish accommodations.”
But for me, the extraordinary has become merely ordinary.
Nothing I do seems special.

All the child-like excitement,
All the curiosity...
Worn away by sheer availability.
There is little I do that I have not done before.

But you...
Your heart still lifts at such adventurous thoughts.
Seeing new cities, staying in ordinary inns.
Everything you do seems special.

Just as a spoiled child,
I cannot return from where I came.
I have succumb to the life I have,
And do not remember the life I once had.

No, I am not fortunate.
I do not know love as you do.
I no longer appreciate as you do.
I have no excitement or curiosity left.

“You are fortunate,” I say to you...


© 1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg