the battle

What once was calm,
Now is at battle.
Nothing has changed,
yet there is a battle...
a fight to be fought.

The skeletal army moves,
South to the voices.
The soldiers are stationed,
Within the line of fire...
I should have foreseen this.

But while in London,
I thought I would forestall the battle.
While in Calgary, I knew it would be difficult.
And while in Montreal, I swore I would win...
So the battle must go on.

Faces from the land I knew,
Strangers I once thought were my friends,
Everything changes in the battle.

Everything is wrong...
To set things right...

I SWORE that you’d understand me,
I PRAYED that you know me first,
and I KNEW it was a risk I took,
but I had no choice,
I was cornered...

So we stand in the castle,
In the land we once fought for.
We are the ones who were allies.
Deep in the valley of the mists...

Where were you when we started??


© 1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg