with You

i stand in the snow outside the restaurant,
the busy city streets are not on my mind.
i care not about my missed appointment.

peering through the window from a distance,
a mere hollow in this sedulous vast city.
my eyes strain to look inside.

i smile as i see You, my love,
through the window of that restaurant.
You, beautiful one, as You work.

how is it i have come to find You?
how should i be so lucky,
finding such a simple peace?

You glance back at me with a shy smile,
sending warmth to my frozen body.
as promised, i wait to be with You.

as i enter, You walk to me,
arms open in a warm greeting.
i sit and wait to be with You.

the snow falls unceasingly on the street outside,
dooming commuters to hours of boredom.
but i could never be bored with You.

rousing me from daydreams,
Your beautiful lips tell me Your work is done.
i open the door and put my arm around You.

leaving your assumed métier,
we escape into the hard frozen outer world.
we recover in Your hidden urban alcove.

laying teasingly beside one another,
both contently hidden from the world.
i am with You.


© 1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg