i noticed

watching though the rain
i have seen you
when you were just a shadow

you scarcely believe
in your potential
but i have noticed

the manner you turn your head
thinking silent blessed concepts
awestruck, i have noticed

feeding you popcorn as you see
devastation unfolding unbelieving
restrained tears, i have noticed

seeing your absolute kindness
forced to mix with your absolute resolve
i have noticed

cradling your sadness in my arms
holding you together as your tears rain [reign]
believe me, i have noticed

may your god bless you
may all gods bless you
may the God bless you

for what you have done
transcends all culpability
i remain freely saddened

heroes know nothing of your majesty
and idols are brushed off your lips
gratitude combined with love only pauses you

you have overcome the
initial, but unsustained, emotion
the do-gooders undoing

may your lives preserve
in freewill - inextricable


 2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg