Un-bequeathed Earth

No magical incantation can undo
The forces of nature which pervade
And defy elixirs of modern day.

Flawed as she may be toward us
Mother nature cares for herself only
Not her parasites which leech her.

The hypnotic rhythms of the ocean waves
Only serve to lure us towards tranquility
Permitting us to believe she needs our help.

While in reality, she is quite a delinquent mother
One who can disown us at any moment
And strike with the vengeance that physical law provides.

She favors us now until something better comes along
Made this planet ours, until we have served our purpose
We should dare not test her [uncaring/selfish] wrath.

The world was not made for us
It was made only for her sovereignty
Of which we have no say.



2002 by Joel Mathew Hegberg