Selected Ethics

In your quest for the highest of moral ground known to man
Your own ego remains as a trustworthy constant
Preventing any negotiation of the policies you deem fit.

The sky remains firmly conquested by your omni-eye
While your distance from terra prevents you from seeing reality
Your pedestal precludes you from acting properly.

Taking tangent runaway righteousness to the extreme
Your motives disguised as valid arguments validated
Through innumerable layers of theoretical abstraction.

The beliefs are so intrinsic to your being
Even when confronted by your wrongness by 100% of everyone
You do not bow but trudge ahead unremittingly.

Not knowing how life would play out, I had my bet
And you prove me right, but only in the end-game
Beyond the time frame where reason could have intervened.

Policy established. Damage done. Progress unraveled.
Arguments will never operate effectively against your swollen mind
No matter how much evidence is pressed against your glazed eyes.

I wonder if you have only your own interests at heart
As your actions make no basic overt sense for humankind
Yet it is people like you who keep the world dependent on politicians.


2002 by Joel Mathew Hegberg