Restful Endeavors

cringing at your altruistic
visage [staring at me in
strange wonderment]
curiously has no place in my

but what you never
know [and never shall
is how i have driven
lonely along the shore of a
mississippi beach.

your conscience will never let
you comprehend my feelings toward
the river that rushed over the dam
[through the center of town]
consoling me.

waking up on a beer-stained couch.
laughing with friends on a gravel road.
[intimately in love] with an understander.
walking the strip of Vegas.

silently giving my thoughts at night as
i rested on a dune hearing the waves.
passing out in a frat-house from a party.
resting for the first time [with a
Kailua in tampa]
on the docks.

thank God for [the rare]
        restful endeavors

2002 by Joel Mathew Hegberg