My Demon

Caught a glimpse of you , my demon.
Only a [quick] glance – corner of my eye…
But I know that I saw you.

Evaded you [as long] as possible,
But now I have journeyed to your land.
I had to face you.

How I have avoided your [seductive] gravity…
For [my own] good?
To appease those around me?

Your spell was cast upon me long ago.
It has always been only a matter of time –
A matter of time before our paths crossed [merged].

I no longer blame you [as I used to].
Strangely, I almost enjoy the adventure you have provided me,
If not the rare treasure.

Perhaps you are not the demon I have feared.
Could I have prejudged [you]?
Only time, confusion, and tears will tell.


© 1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg