Beside an Angel

Let me lay beside you, sweet angel,
For nothing can possibly bring me more joy.
I will not ask for anything beyond,
Just to rest beside you and keep you warm.

How I long to hold you in my arms,
To comfort you through the night.
To caress your skin as you dream, perhaps of me,
To feel your heart beat next to mine.

My legs entangle your own legs,
Gently rubbing together.
Your chest moves as you lightly inhale.
Tonight, I am here to comfort you.

Your beautiful face, so at peace in your sleep…
It draws my fingers to touch it.
Along your brow, along your nose,
Stopping at the softness of your lips.

Feeling your gentle breath on my fingertips,
I scarcely resist the urge to kiss your lips.
With such beauty in my midst,
Disturbing you is too much a risk.

Instead I shall be content to lay silent,
To watch your innocent face as you dream.
Should you need me, I am beside you,
Shielding you with my love and affection.

With you, my Angel, I feel complete.


© 1996-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg