Oh Hell

i will grab you
out of nowhere
pull you into me
and silence you

not as you think
but as you wish
as the concept you dream
without the knowledge of anyone

i will freeze-frame your life
we both will launch to a space unknown
for what "would-be" years,
but no time will pass between your precious lips

reality has never been real
fiction has always been fictitious
(kissing your body with recklessness)
(you squirming and laughing at the tease)

where is the line drawn?
where does reality stop?
where does fiction begin?
where do I stop kissing your body?

these questions might not be answered
in a mere single night (my sly eye teasing)
and you will not be deserving of the
attention that my mere human body can give.

Oh Hell… lets give it a try…


© 2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg