You little (grrrrr)…
How you do stare so long
And how can you see my deeds
Of good and plenty,
Of misery and love?

Your stupid stupid idea of life
Has me now faced with rights
Wishing I had never spent
My life in Michigan,
My life in sand dunes.

Underneath Keplar's stars above,
I balance focus between the universe and you
Which are the source of my consternation
Or constellations?
I always get those confused.

As I fly across the country
Staring at the stunning mountains below
I see how mediocre they become to me
And my experiences?
What purpose do they serve?

You know whatever part of the world
I may be forced to acknowledge
I promise it will be your realm
That I will land within.
Dear, May I have landing rights?


© 2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg