Sink Yourself

Sink yourself
        Down again into the
                Mercury of poison
                        Significant blasphemy
                Made proper concepts
        During assertive dreams
Strenuous cynical flame.

Ancient obligations
        From past unknown lives
                Alignment of motives
                        Pigeonholed persona
                Accidental reinforcement
        From mayhap reality
As comfortable as it is.

Recall past years
        Worriless in the days
                Harkens past malcontent
                        Naive in all beliefs
                Habitual mind games
        Woken up by soul-divers
Restarting the futile.

Sink yourself of responsibility,
        Not of morality or consciousness,
                Must sink yourself of responsibility.
                        Beyond all potential absolution.
                Most responsibility is forced,
        Never has a shallow shame,
So undeserved.


2002 by Joel Mathew Hegberg