Changes Unchanged

How you know I have been a candidate of care for ages.
Despite my aeroplane wandering vastly off-course.
Finally, you have discovered my best secret of life,
The desire to love you constantly and the desire to be loved constantly.
The rising tide of oceanic currents have never hindered me.
And the golden shining gates of unslain earthly good
Have mesmerized my soul and heart.
Never winter, never fog, never rain, always sun.

A change is present, however, from the past times ago.
While I am still the same, I actually know where to go.
Not permitting or accepting the transitory pleasures,
But instead carefully selecting what will make things right.
Which will complement my life's ambitions and goals.
An elemental power fast breaking against the shore of consciousness
Nevermore conceding the weaknesses I once catered to.
Take my picture, Love, for I stand on the pinnacle.

Be still your anxiety of discovery and vengeance.
Rest in the filtered bright lights of world exposť.
And never flinch at the joyous burning revolution,
From which our magic carpet makes takeoff.
The sons of Scorpio entrust their lair of [foolish] silk.
Their stars on backgrounds of woolen sweaters
Pronouncing their illegitimate place in the Universal axis.
We all now know how tragically wrong they are.

© 2002 by Joel Mathew Hegberg