Without Limits

I own this [completely].
The massive mountains filling my vision
all the way up as far as I can see.
You in the jump-seat,
both of us ready for adventure!

The lever pulls back [easily].
The mammoth G-forces lunge against us
as we begin to rapidly screech down the tarmac.
Sensing the power I control,
loving the every bump on the runway.

“HELL YES!” I say [at the top of my lungs].
My hand pulls back the flight stick
forcing the machine and us towards the sky.
We can feel the G’s…
We can feel the power…

Like nothing else before [for us].
We careen, spiraling into the sky above
carefully avoiding the encompassing mountains.
EXPLODING through the layer of clouds
like a bat out of hell from below.

Far down below the [slow machines] move.
Meanwhile our fast machine SCORCHES the air
leaving not a molecule untouched.
The smell of ice cold snow and pines
mixed with vapors of engine fuel.

I take our spiral in all [conscious] seriousness.
This is the most free I’ve ever felt,
but without awareness it will end all too sudden.
The mountains are of such a tremendous height,
and to make this freedom last we must triumph over them.


© 1999-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg.