No Experience Necessary

I struggle to morph into your perceptions.
The very idyllic persona of humanity.
Wanting with my every naïve thought to please you.

It’s a spinning wheel in perpetual motion.
There is no end, just a carrot on a stick.
Happiness is never accessible to me.

It should be testament to my regard for you.
How much I have put you on a pedestal.
The lengths to which I go to appeal to you.

Yet there will always be something else.
Forever Trying means Never Succeeding.
There comes a time when one understands.

You see, I have found myself.
I have ::finally:: become happy with me.
I no longer fret because I know my essence.

The façade was only for my own,
But in the end it only prevented my repair.
No, I do not have all the answers.

But I don’t need them.
Being myself is a position for which
No experience is necessary.


© 1999-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg.