Dismissed Island

You are inside my mind like no other.
A symphony of intricate plots woven together.
Partners, we are, in this game.

As I recall, this was a wondrous escape.
Childish toys with denotation only we could grasp.
Plots of such base simplicity.

If only “real life” were so easy.
If only it were so wondrous and simple.
If only we were in control as before.

There shall be a childish rebellion on that island.
Imprisonment of the Elders.
Freedom of thought across a silly blanket.

A thin wire secretly connects our voices at night.
Both within sight but choosing a closer connection.
Each within our own clandestine fortress.

Discovered by the “enemy” we must sever ties.
Reprimand will ensue the subsequent day.
But we accept this as just part of the game.

Just as the ladybugs keep us in the moment.
Just like the fireflies we let go into the house.
Just as the waxed paper hidden beneath the sand.

Never dismiss the island we built over and over.
Something built so often cannot be forgotten,
Or be without virtuous reason.


© 1999-2001 by Joel Mathew Hegberg.