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During my spare time in college, I enjoyed writing software for OS-9.  In 1994, I created a collection of most of the free software I had written that I thought people liked and called it my Public Domain Anthology Disk.  This is the web version of that anthology with a few more added freebies.  All of the software is written for OS-9, and much of it only runs on the MM/1 computer under K-Windows windowing system.

Below is a listing of all the programs available along with a description.   To download, simply click on the program's folder icon.  All of the software has been archived (to save space) in .lzh format, which requires LHA (on OS-9) to extract.   If you don't have the LHA utility for OS-9/680x0, click here.


Download Announce Using a voice sound resource file (included), this program verbally announces the time at optional intervals.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download Blind This was a simple security experiment trying to take advantage of a feature within K-Windows to open a window on top of any existing window.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download BMPShow BMP graphics file displayer.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download BMPSnap Make any K-Windows graphics screen into a BMP graphics file.   (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download Boots Simple utility to keep a running total of how many times a system has been booted, and displays counter at startup.  (680x0)
Download Calculator A simple graphical calculator.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download Christmas A graphical christmas card from Sub-Etha Software.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download Cursive This utility creates cursive writing (out of standard ASCII symbols) from text.  (680x0)
Download FN_Keys Utility used to program function keys under K-Windows.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download Fonts 30 great fonts for use with K-Windows.  (K-Windows)
Download GClock Graphical clock with many display modes.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download Hanoi Termcap port of the Towers of Hanoi program.  (680x0)
Download KWSaver Version 2.5 of my screen saver program for K-Windows.  Comes with many interesting effects.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download MM_One MM/1 startup graphic plus print spooler icon.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download ModJukeBox MOD sound file player for K-Windows.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download OSkTag Random tag-line program written by Nick Johnson.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download Othello A graphical Othello game for 1 or 2 players.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download PostIt Electronic sticky notes for your desktop.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download VefShow VEF graphics file displayer.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download ViewFax Etha-Fax file viewer (includes sample fax file).  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download WR_Demo Demo version of Write-Right! word processor.  (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download ZipCode Quickly look up city/state from a zip-code -- graphical version.   (K-Windows, 680x0)
Download ZipCode Quickly look up city/state from a zip-code -- termcap version.   (680x0)
Download ZipData Zip-Code city/state database for use with above two programs.

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